Saturday, March 31, 2018

Oscars dresses recap- 2018 (very late) - revised

I know the Oscars was almost a month ago, but I wanted to send out my sporadic awards show dresses review and have just not gotten to it. We are in Southern Sjaelland (the island that Copenhagen is on) in a summer house for Easter break and I have some time to put it together. I sent Olivia and Graham out to explore in the back yard and Johanna is engrossed in Finding Nemo- her favorite movie ever, so this is happening. 

I have had some problems with the pictures showing so I have redone the post the correct way... long story short, you should be able to see all images now. I also added a bit more because, why not?

Ann and I watched the Oscars together online a few weeks ago and it was so fun! We each watched it on our end and then video skyped and talked to each other through the whole show. It was so great! Seeing the dresses on video adds so much. The pictures don't always show the movement and scale and I like to see all of that. 

This Oscars had a few really good dresses and a lot of sense of fun and whimsy overall, which I liked. Here are the ones that I liked- I will get to the Loves and Hates afterwards.


This one is so pretty- I love the color- but nothing that we haven't seen before. She looks amazing though.

I did not really appreciate this dress until I saw it on the screen. Watch the video- starting at 30 seconds- and you can see how amazing it is here

I LOVE the black stripe down her left side and the neckline is so flattering and cool and the whole dress shimmers like liquid gold. Her hair is so pretty too. I did not put it in the LOVE category because I don't necessarily want to own it- that is the main criteria. :)
It looks amazing on her and she looks so badass really. She is so glowing and pretty in every picture I have seen her in; this dress suits her so well.

Meryl Streep really nailed it this time in her red dress. She always dresses age-appropriate (which is good) but when you are 68 years old, that can result in some really boring dresses such as:

No criticism about past looks- but they are all pretty boring in my mind. This year's dress with the youthful belt and flattering color is very nice. She looks so fresh and modern.

This color is amazing and I love the sheer over the structured top. Her hair is all vavavoom! She looks very good.

This look has definitely been seen before with the sleeveless top and tiered tulle skirt but the color combination is so nice! The blush skirt with the burgundy belt and silver top with different textures- it is very cool!

Allison Janney looks so dramatic and the dress is so well fitted and you can tell she is just so happy in this dress. It is very fun! She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for the Tonya Harding movie and the dress moved so lovely up on stage.

The neckline on this is extremely low and if she had more cleavage it would be very vulgar but, as it is, I included it. I really hate the neckline. I love the fabric and color and basically the rest of the dress so much that I included it. It is like a fairy dress if fairies wore gowns instead of short frocks.

 I really did not like this look at first but then I saw it in the video and Ann really liked it and I was still so-so about it, but I realized that I just think there are too many accessories. The dress is so cool and vintage and amazing and I agree with Ann that the gloves work (bracelet too) but I don't like the head thing PLUS the glasses PLUS the huge necklace PLUS the earrings. I assume she needs those glasses so I would have liked it much better with no head thing and maybe no necklace or earrings either... no, wait, the necklace completes it... but there should be no head thing or earrings. Very bold and fun look, in any case, and I like that.

I like how this guy has a sketch of a man on his dress shirt. So fun and something I have never seen!

I laughed so hard when I saw this lady at the Oscars because
it reminded me of how she was in the movie Napoleon Dynamite in this scene here

Which then made me think of this scene here

Why is Napoleon so aggressively mad at Tina (the llama)?!? Hahaha! This actress was in Three Bilboards, which is a much more serious film than Napoleon Dynamite, though I must say her character was not that much different. :)

 Anyway, back to her clothes, I like the old school tie and fun print jacket. It all is pleasing and has some style. She pulls it off.

This dress is a late addition as I did not see it in most of the Oscar pictures online. I love the dress itself and the cape is a fun version of ones we have seen before. 

The White Dresses:

I love white dresses- wedding dresses or other. I especially love white dresses worn for formal occasions that are not weddings- and I particularly love when they are long sleeve and/or have an accent of another color.  I have included the four above in the order that I like them, though I do like them all. The first two are nice but the second two are very pretty. Laura Dern looks amazing in the dress with the split sleeve. The fourth one makes me smile. That is because this one is a very similar cut to my wedding dress. The drop waist to an asymmetrical side, the flowing skirt, the cap sleeves- though mine were much more flowy and longer and my neckline was higher. Anyway, just the cut of the waist and skirt made me very happy.

I can't state enough how much I love white dresses. I only own a couple and would like to have more. I was browsing through my fashion Pinterest page here and I realized that I have so many white dresses that I have saved there- here are a few...

There is just something so bold and confident about wearing all white- but also sweet and chic.  And while we are on the topic, some of my favorite white dresses on the red carpet in year past are:

Academy Awards 2008 - perhaps all time favorite white red carpet look

Emmy Awards 2006

Oscars 2015

Golden Globes 2016

Met Gala 2016

SAG awards, 2006

                                    Met Gala 2015

That was a nice diversion. Now on to the Hates...

HATES - mostly...

I feel like I am supposed to like this but I hate it so much. I don't know if it is because I really like Maya Rudolph or because, objectively, I think the dress could be cool in a way, but I really, really don't like this look. It is unflattering on every level. Is Maya Rudolph trying to be the new Tilda Swinton? Because Swindon can pull off these baggy, no shape, bold looks and still look totally cool:

And, while we are at it, can we talk about how cool Tilda's hair is?!? I just realized she is my hair idol once I am thin enough to rock a short cut. I mean I would kill to have this hair:

Anyway, I feel like Tilda S can wear these baggy looks and be like- this is me, whereas I feel like someone told Maya R that the dress would be really cool and she was like- "uh, yeah okay I guess". It really is so unflattering. The earrings are cool though. Having said that, I never really like what Maya wears- she is not often on the red carpet and maybe doesn't have a stylist for that reason. She is one of my favorite comedians ever- I am not knocking her! I do really  like her... just not in this. Moving on...


Goth Tinkerbell? 

I see what Emma Stone is going for here but it is totally underdressed and boring for a formal event. It almost has a cool color combo but not. It would be a sweet outfit for Valentine's dinner date night though. But not the Oscars.

 I know many people like this and I do appreciate that it is different and whimsical in a way and the texture of the dress is cool. I really don't like the neckline or the huge bow or really anything. I do like that it is somewhat unconventional.

As she often does, her outfit is just too much! Too much glitter, too many diamonds, too much purple... her cleavage is WAY reigned in and that helps a bit. There is nothing I like about this. 

Ugh, no. Why??


Mirai Nagasu- ice skater- had to look her name up- I love this dress so much! The color, the details, the bit of nude behind the blue, her hair and earrings- it is perfection. I want to wear this dress. And it is refreshing to see a neckline that is not so plunging. It is still very low and if she had more cleavage it would show much more, but I am so sick of the inner boob cleavage and it is nice to see a more refined look. I also love the color with her skin tone.

I love this dress so much! It has so much attitude and I love the way the fabric moves- another one to see on the video... I love that falling sleeve.

I love the drama and color and the volume of this dress so much! Her hair and etc is also so perfect. I do really hate the neckline. It is way too low, but that is the norm at this point, but on top of that she is so flattened by the dress that just looks painful and not terribly natural. Not focusing on the neckline, she look so perfect. What a fun dress!

I don't know who either of these ladies are and I must say that the tuxedo pants are super cool and the shoulder on that black dress is so cool and strong, but the reason I have highlighted this look is ONLY for....

THE COOLEST SHOES EVER!!! Wow, I love these. And with the socks and pants= so cool.

Can I please, please be Helen Mirren someday?

 I really love this dress- it is so sweet and cute and ethereal! I don't know this actress and a quick search didn't bring up anything that stood out, however, I did find this dress on the runway and wow, it just shows you how different a dress looks from person to person. On the runway model, it almost looks like a shroud or something. No need to explore that further but I like it much better on the woman on the right.


I love this dress so so so much! I want to own it and dance in it and just touch it. The color and fabric and everything are perfection. I love the drape of the sleeves and her clutch is so cute and her hair and earrings are perfect.Watch the dress move in the video

I was curious so I also found this one on the red carpet and it look so much more fun on Emily Blunt! Interesting to see it on different people.


I adore this dress! I love the color and the shape and the drama. It is so freakin cool and I want to own it and just look like I have my crap together and am still cool. How can I own this? I feel like maybe I am only a trip to the forest away from being able to put his together- and I mean that as a compliment to the dress.

 I love the details in her hair and on the back of the dress. I couldn't find the picture I want but she has buttons up the back and little jewels or flower in her hair. If you want to see her on the red carpet go to about second 23 in this video

I googled this actress, Haley Bennett, because I didn't know who she was and found that she wore this look below to the Met Gala last year. I did not watch the Met Gala last year, sadly, but look how amazing and dramatic she looks! Oh man that is so cool! I love the Met Gala because you are supposed to dress over the top and it is just so fun to see what people wear. In the picture below, I love the flowers in her hair and the curls- she really looks like she should be in an old black and white picture or drawing. Delightful!

Special mention- 

I think this look is so fabulous! I love it!! She looks amazing! The color just pops and the hair is so cool- retro but modern- she looks stunning. This was also a good dress to see move on the red carpet- it looked a bit like hot pink scales. I want to almost call this one Best Dressed of the Night. I loved it!! But, I have to say, I don't want to own it... it is not me. But it is amazing and so, fun!

Final word - if I could have one wish for myself for 2018, it would be to have the kind of confidence in myself as this man does to stand like this in public and be photographed and not give a crap. :)