Friday, September 14, 2012

Bonfire Day

At Olive's school they have a bonfire now and again. Last week I dropped her off at school and the kids were already outside sitting around the fire. Olivia went straight out. I stayed in the building, unbeknowst to her, and watched out the window. In the picture below, I was sitting and looking out that far right circle window.

The kids amazed me because they all just sat there. They talked and laughed and some were quiet, like Olivia, but they did not get up or run around or anything. I watched for maybe 10 minutes and not once did any of the 30 or so 3- 5 year old's get up. Crazy!

Olivia is on the right side with the bare legs.

This teacher, Lasse, often plays the guitar and sings to the kids. Olivia is to his right.

This little boy in the purple on Olivia's left told the teacher that he loves Olivia. His name is Elias. He follows her around and just adores her. Stay away, boys, until she is at least 20 or so.

They made √¶bleringe on the fire- apple rings. Sliced apples in batter.

They look tasty!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Day for the Beach

We have been waiting for a day to go to the beach. It has just been a little too cold lately. Today I was home with Graham who had just woken up from his nap. It was about 2pm. Matthew called and told me that it was really nice weather out and the weather showed that there would not be many more warm days for a long time- if at all until next year. So, we decided to go to the beach!

We walked there. It took about 10 minutes or so. I love living so close to the water because you can hear that cool horn that ships blow almost every day. I hear seagulls all the time. You can smell the water on the air some days. Anyway, here is our beach day:

Every good trip starts here- the bakery!

Morning Routine

Every weekday morning I take Olivia to her school. Before we moved, it was a 5 minute bike ride. Now it is a 15 - 20 minute bike ride each way. I usually take Graham with me, unless Matthew is home in the morning and then sometimes I leave him with Matthew. This morning I took them both with me and here is our exciting trip:

The kids are standing at the front door waiting for me to open it. 

Olivia has gotten very into girly things- bows, ribbons, dresses, princess crap, shiny things, etc. It is really cute! It is not really my thing but it is cool if it is hers! Today she asked me to put three ponytails with bows in her hair. I talked her down to two ponytails and to put the third bow on her finger. Victory!

Graham loves pushing things down our hallway.

I love what good friends these two are!

Here we have walked out our front door and are now at the back door of the building to go out and get our bike.

Olivia is standing in the back garden. To her right is our porch. She is crying because her bow fell off of her finger. Tragedy.

The kids are strapped into the bike trailer.

Outside our building. Our front door is there in the middle of the picture.

The view down our street 

I am biking in the bike lane for all pictures. You can see the bike lane we are in and then the street to our left on the other side of the little curb with the yellow line.

 In a lot of Copenhagen, the bike lane is separated from the street by trees and parked cars, like above. I like that a lot. 

I think it is so cute how the mail is delivered by bike here. You can see the mail bike parked outside the building above.

Then the mail delivery guy came out and I pretended that I wasn't taking picture of him and waited until he turned his back.

Really cool apartment building I pass everyday. I love the vines and the blue door.

Bakery I pass every morning and do not stop at. Hardly ever.

The trailer behind me. You can see my luxurious hair flowing in the wind. Ha! It is actually really dry and has a ton of split ends- I am getting a hair cut ASAP.

Cute little farmhouse we pass. Hard to see it through the fence.

Playground near her school

Cool building that always seems very East Coast USA- Ivy league to me somehow

This is a school very close to Olivia's. The school is on some farmland with a big garden and old farm house. This is the door into the garden. So cute!

Olivia's school is downstairs of this building

Out of the bike

Walking down the stairs

There was a party a few days ago and the balloons are still up when you walk in the door

Little chart on the wall of all the different countries children who have gone to her school have been from

The hallway inside- saying hi to friends

Olivia's cubby- she has the green sweater in hers

picture of the back play area

Olivia is saying goodbye to Graham

I then unhook and lock up the trailer and put Graham on my bike seat.

I think he likes it

Then we go home and play just the two of us!