Monday, October 26, 2009


I will just say it. I am an idiot. It is true. If you have not seen the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" and you plan to, please stop reading now because I am going to ruin the ending for you just as I did for my husband, Matthew, tonight.

I am a nerd. I love to read. I love books. I love how they smell. I love how the pages feel. I love the way words run together like a song. I love words. I love spelling. I love good books. I love everything about reading and writing and spelling and literature. I am not good at many things, but I am good at reading and writing and spelling and I am pretty well read. I am also a little bit of a trivia lover too. I love to take quizzes and answer questions- ESPECIALLY if those questions are about reading or spelling or writing or literature.

So tonight Matthew and I watched "Slumdog Millionaire". It was a really good movie and we were both really into it. Again, SPOILER ALERT!! At the end of the movie, the main character is on a game show and he is asked a multiple choice question about the Dumas novel "The Three Musketeers". "What is the name of the third musketteer?", the host asks. The question gave the names of the other two musketeers- Porthos and Athos. The multiple choice answers were a few other characters in the book that I recognized a little but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the third musketeer was D'artagnan. My pulse started quickening and I got all excited because I knew the answer!!! So what do I do? I say it out loud. "It is D'artangnan!!", I shout out with pride and a little giddiness. I love literature trivia! As I smiled to myself and read the question again, I think I even said it out loud again. Matthew didn't say a word. If he did feel annoyed that I had said the answer, he gave no indication of it.

A few minutes go by as the plot thickens and finally the main character chooses his answer- but he chooses a different answer than the one I said was correct! He chooses Aramis. I think to myself, oh no! He is going to get the question wrong! In my head I start realizing it and start to foresee the end of the movie. I was a little sad. Then, the host of the game show reads the answer and it is Aramis! I was wrong! The main character was right and won the game!! I am pleasantly surprised because, though I do like to be right, I was more excited that the main character won the money. As I am all excited about this turn of events, Matthew says to me- "thanks for ruining the end of the movie". It took me a second to realize what I had done. Matthew was clearly annoyed and I was clearly an idiot. I started to say I was sorry and he just sshhhed me and wanted to watch the end of the movie. I felt so stupid. The movie was only a few more minutes and I sat there waiting for all hell to break loose once it ended. The credits rolled and we sat there in silence waiting for the dancing people to stop dancing and the credits to end.

Once they did Matthew turned to me and said "thanks for ruining the movie, D'artagnan". I could tell he was still pretty annoyed but also amused at the situation. I begged forgiveness for my stupidity and he told me that he wasn't annoyed when I said the answer out loud. He didn't really care so much that I had said the answer initially. It was a few minutes later when my answer was wrong that he got so annoyed. He told me that he had done the same thing I had. He heard the main character choose another answer than the one I declared correct and so he thought the main character was going to lose and he too started thinking out the end of the movie. When it turned out the character actually got the answer correct and I was wrong, he was all confused and annoyed! I said sorry about 20 times and then he kept teasing me and calling me D'artagnan. Then Matthew asked me if I was also going to tell him that Darth Vadar was Luke's father and so I left in a huff.

Now D'artagnan is my new nickname and Matthew told me he is going to bug me about this for the rest of my life. I guess I deserve it. I can't believe I said the answer aloud when (1) it clearly gives away the ending to the movie and (2) it turns out I was wrong. I am never going to live this down!!! Good movie though.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Last weekend I drove out to Las Vegas to visit my good friend Jenny. Olivia came along and was a pretty good road trip buddy. She is becoming quite well traveled- at least around Arizona. We drove to a family reunion in Northern Arizona a couple of months ago. Matthew and I drove down to Tucson a month ago to stay in a resort against the mountains with Olivia. Olivia and I flew out to Orange County, California to visit Lacy a couple months ago and now we have been to Vegas! She just needs to see the Grand Canyon and then we have Arizona covered.
We had a really relaxing weekend and it was so fun to see Jenny and Olivia become friends! It is hard with Jenny living so far away. I miss you Jenny!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sticky Rice

We started Olivia on rice cereal last week. Her first experience with somewhat solid foods. She was really excited about it and was all smiley and laughing most of the time. She really liked grabbing the spoon from me and pulling it into her mouth herself. When I wasn't paying attention she went for the bowl of rice and dumped the whole thing on the counter and the floor. I am just glad she does not know how to throw yet.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Beach Day!

Well hello! I guess I am blogging again. I took a break for the last 5 months since I had Olivia. I feel like I am supposed to do a catch up entry like I do in my journal every time I write, but I am not going to! It is so liberating to resist the temptation to write the tedious, obligatory catch up entry. By the time you are done summarizing the last 6 months in a couple pages, you no longer want to write what is going on right now!

So, I went out to Huntington Beach, California to visit my friend, Lacy. We had a really good time. It was Olivia's first plane ride. She did really good on the way over (it was only a 50 minute flight). On the way back, it was an evening flight and she was pretty tired out from all excitement of the last few days and so she was pretty cranky. I sat in the very back of the plane in the last row in the window seat so that if she did freak out, I would hopefully only annoy half of the plane. She screamed for a minute or so and then gave up and went to sleep.

Lacy's place is a beach house about 2 minutes from the ocean. Lacy and I took Olivia and Lacy's dog Foxy to the beach on Saturday. It was so fun! Olivia was only in the water for a minute or so because it was really cold and she can't support her own body weight. She can't stay sitting up very well yet either. That makes for a very short time in the water. The ocean action tired her out immediately and she took a nap on the blanket while Lacy and I hung out for a couple hours. It was a great weekend. The weather was amazing- mid 70's during the day and in the 60's at night. I love California weather. Thanks to Lacy for the fun!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


One of my food blogs, At the Baker's Bench, has really inspired me to finally make a change that I have been wanting to make for a long time. The lady who writes this blog is challenging herself to make all her own bread in 2009. It seems like a very large undertaking and she is planning on baking EVERYTHING herself- down to hot dog buns. I don't know that I will be that gung ho, but I certainly plan to bake all my own bread and try out new recipes for other baked goods.

Once I have the baby, I am going to be working mainly from home, and so I am so excited to have more time to improve my baking skills! I have made muffins and cookies and pizza dough and bagels and really tasty cinnamon rolls (according to Matthew) and all kinds of baked goods, but it is pretty rare that I do it. Also, I don't really challenge myself to try anything new terribly often. The one skill I have wanted more than any other is baking homemade bread. I don't know if I have ever made it on my own. I have with my mom a few times many years ago. Matthew and I got a bread maker for our wedding and I use that a lot, but I want to mostly wean myself off of it. I will still use it as the very best motivation for getting out of bed on conference mornings! Nothing like the smell of fresh bread when you wake up! Works like a charm!

The At the Baker's Bench blog continues to have posts about her progress with new recipes and fun stuff from other bloggers who are committing to it, so check it out. Let me know if you decide to join in!

I already made my first bread from scratch this week. I made banana bread. I know, I know. What kind of aspiring baker has never made banana bread!?!? I have to start somewhere! I bought some bananas and waited a week for them to brown and then decided to get started. There is a whole story about how difficult this simple undertaking was that I shall relate.

I had the three bananas set aside for the bread and let them sit out for a week or so. I picked out a recipe that looked good. I had all the ingredients and was planning on making it last Sunday night- a week ago. That night I went over to Greg and Emily's to hang out and get some wisdom about what to do with this child once she comes out. I stayed later than I should have not realizing how late it was (sorry Greg and Emily). In my head I decided that once I got home, I would make banana bread. When I got home, Matthew had made this boxed pull apart cinnamon bread as a surprise! It was just done baking as I got home. It smelled so good and was very tasty! He is so great! He had used the last of the eggs and we now had this baked treat, so I abandoned my banana bread for that night.

A few days later, I asked Ellen to come over and to bring 2 eggs with her so that I could make the banana bread. I thought I might make it while we were chit chatting. Instead we ended up taking a walk (to get this baby out) and by the time we got back, my right elephant leg had swollen up to three times its size and so I just wanted to sit down. Foiled again!! I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to be able to bake my first proper loaf of bread!

The next day was Thursday and Matthew and I had an appointment at the hospital at 2:30 to go down and start the first step of the induction process for the baby. My doctor thinks that she could be about 9 pounds now and I was not at all dilated at the doctor appointment on Wednesday, so she wanted me to go down and get this gel applied that starts the process. Those of you who know all about this don't need any more information. Those of you who don't know about it, probably don't want more information, so I am going to stop right there.

Matthew and I went down at 2:30 and waited around in the waiting room until after 3 when a nurse came out and told us that they just had a number of women in labor come through and asked if we could go home and come back later that evening. Well, we were both more than willing to do it! I was really hungry and hadn't eaten much yet and Matthew had an eye on this car on Craigslist that he wanted to go test drive and possibly buy. So, we skipped out of there, went to go grab some food (my favorite- cheese quesadilla) and went to go test drive this '87 white BMW.

The car was really cute, in great shape, and quite a steal on the price, so we bought it! We have been looking for a car for a few months so that we will be able to take our baby home (as we share a 2 seater now) and we finally found and bought one! I am so excited! Here she is!

Back to the bread! We get home with our new car around 7pm and I decide to call the hospital and see when to come in. Matthew is outside oohing and aahhing over the car. He has wanted one of these old BMW's for a long time. Anyway, I call the hospital and the nurse tells me that it is very busy and she has no idea when it will slow down. She said they will call me. It could be 2 am or even tomorrow morning. No problem for me! I will at long last make my banana bread!

About a half an hour later I start making the bread. I turn on the oven, got out all the ingredients and started mixing up the liquids. Just as I am about to add the eggs, my phone rings and the nurse tells me that it has quieted down and we can go to the hospital! I am slightly annoyed- will I ever get to make this bread??!?!! So, I cover up the liquids and put them in the fridge and go down to the hospital. I shall not comment on the 10 hour, all night hospital visit other than to say that it was a horrible experience and I have enormous respect for women and what they put up with to have a baby- and I haven't even had one yet.

Matthew and I got home about 7am the next morning and slept until noon. I then got up and made my banana bread!!!!! Yeah!! It turned out very tasty! If it is this difficult to make homemade bread in the future, this whole resolution may not go so well. We will see! And no, I did not take a picture of the bread. I am just happy that I actually made it!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I love this photography blog! The pictures are so amazing! This photographer does amazing scenery and also does weddings and engagements. I love these pictures and wish I had this kind of talent.

I really love to look at pictures of weddings. I just really like all the fun details you can add to personalize your event. I especially love to look at the food and the color combinations of things.
I am in love with this cake below. This is the coolest wedding cake I have ever seen! I rarely see wedding cakes that I really like, so it was so suprising when I fell in love with this one. I LOVE it!!!

This little picture does not do the cake justice, so go to this post and scroll down and see it in its full glory!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow Fun

For Matthew's birthday we went up North to play in the snow. We took little Bug with us. The snow was at least a few days old and had an ice crust on it. Ellen gave Bug this pink coat a long time ago and she finally got to really use it.

As you can see, she was quite thrilled about the whole thing!

Being 8 months pregnant did put a damper on the snow wrestling, but Matthew did push me over a few times and watched me try and get up. It was brutal!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Golden Globes - Best Performance Actress TV Series - Tina Fey (30 Rock)

Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were on Sunday night. I recorded it and fast forwarded through most of it. I really like to see the way the dresses move and see them from every angle, which is pretty impossible if you don't watch the show! There were funny parts as well that made it more interesting. There was a lot of Tina Fey funniness, which I enjoy. Unfortunately, her dress was not so pleasing, but we will get to that. There were a lot of boring dresses that were not bad or good, but just not worth the effort of finding pictures for. To view some of those, look at the dresses that Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore, or Eva Longorio wore.

First, here are the dresses that I did not love nor did I hate. They are not boring or hideous, but they did not capture my fancy.

I have never seen Mad Men, but understand that this actress is in the show. I like the neckline of the dress with the strips of fabric, but I think the continued strips at the waist make it a little too costumey. The color is really pretty and unique and her hair looks really nice with it. I couldn't find a picture of the back, but the back was very cool.

I usually like the way that Anne Hathaway dresses. She does not dress revealing for the most part and wears interesting clothes. If you look at her gown close up, she looks lovely. I think the hair and makeup and earrings look really classy. The dress is extremely sparkly, so you don't need much ornamentation. The big problem is when you back up and look at her from head to toe.

Her skin is so pale and the dark color of the dress totally washes her out. Her features practically disappear. Her hair is so close to her head and her earrings are so small in comparison to the dress, that all you see is a glaringly white shoulders and head. She still looks nice, but she doesn't stand out. In general, I think she is really good at picking clothes that make her stand out and that balance on her body well. In the next two pictures, whether you love the outfits or not, her features and hair are balanced and look nice.

America Ferrera looks very elegant and youthful. The dress looks better in person, but looks pretty good in the picture too. She did the same kind of look really recently at another red carpet event that I also liked (below).

I like this length on her.

So you are probably wondering how I could not hate this look. Stay with me here. Just imagine that the sleeves were not pirate sleeves. Imagine that they were just sleek and long. I really like her hair and necklaces and belt. I like the long skirt. I think she looks really elegant (minus the sleeves) and very modest. I just think she looks classy and unique. I think there is a little of a 90's vibe, but the belt and hair save it. The sleeves prevent her from moving into the section of outfits I like, though.

Kate Beckinsale looks really nice. I don't like how extreme of a mermaid silhouette the bottom creates and I don't really like the neckline. I think it is architectural and different, but it reminds me of fondant on a wedding cake. Overall, I think she looks good, but I can't get past wanting to reshape the neckline into a bow or something,

I don't like a lot about this dress. The color is okay, but Cameron Diaz just wore that same color at another red carpet event not long ago. It is hard to see in this picture, but I hate that peekaboo bit of underarm fat on her left side. Above all, I hate her hair. Her roots are all grown out and her hair, once again, is not brushed. If you are going to wear a dress that busy, the hair has to be more controlled. Overall, she looks like a mess with potential.

This outfit should really be in the "like it" section but for the fact that I just don't care. I don't know why either! I like her hair and makeup and color of the dress. I can't name anything I don't like except maybe how low cut it is. She looks lovely, but it just doesn't do anything for me. It is probably the best she has ever looked at one of these award shows though, I must say.

This dress puzzles me. If it did not have the big napkin on the hip, it would be boring with nothing to it. On the other hand, the napkin is kind of different and fun. The top doesn't fit her right. On the red carpet you can see all these weird peaks in the bodice and you are afraid the dress isn't zipped up in the back. It reminds me of a couple dresses that Cameron Diaz has worn in the last few years, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Now on to the ones I hate!

My biggest complaint about this dress is that this girl is 16! 16 and showing this kind of cleavage. She was there with her mom and dad for crying out loud! I guess she is a role model to kids, whether she wants to be or not, and it bothers me that she wore this. I think the dress itself is quite unattractive, but what bothers me the most is how inappropriate it is on her.

This one pains me to do. I pretty much hate the dress that Tina Fey wore. I like the skirt of the dress a lot. It is a pretty fabric and moves really pretty, but she has no top on! The diamonds on the shoulders are cool and she could look really good if the neckline were raised up. She won an award and the camera was on her and she bent over to stand up and her whole upper body was revealed. She is clearly taped into that thing so as not to have a wardrobe malfunction, but one of the things I have always like about Tina Fey is that she would never wear anything she has to tape herself into to begin with- I thought. She has done low cut before- as in the picture below- but this is far worse. I HATE this look. She was hilarious at the event though and if you look at the post of my blog before this one, there is a funny video of her calling out her internet "haters". I wish she read my blog so she could call me out on trashing her dress.

Hmm, I wonder why Salma Hayek is famous? Above: Exhibit A. Below: Exhibit B. Ridiculous.

Why can't these poor girls from "The Office" get a stylist? Why?! It is just mean. I swear that Pam does that same hair and dress every time and it is not good. Angela just wore the bridesmaid dress from her sister's wedding last month. Just horrible. They are both attractive and would look great with a little help. Angela looks SO BAD. Looks at her chest and stomach and that seam down the middle of the dress!

This lady is so freaky skinny. The gathers in the bodice look like her ribcage.

Miss Texas.

Beyonce wears this same dress every time. Her cleavage is just obscene. I got bored typing this and have no more to say.

Oh J. Lo! What can you say!!? Is this gold lame'? It is so unflattering on her!! There is no front and no back to the dress. Just a hideous gold lame' skirt. I wonder how many times her husband put his hand on her back and just felt skin and looked down and just saw her chest bone and had a mini-freak out thinking his wife was at this event naked. I think she looks the worst of anyone there, but for...

... this disaster!!!!

Oh my gosh!! This dress is so hideous! It is actually really funny to look at! Look at her pose in this picture! Then you get in closer and look at her hair! What the freak?!!? Look at the face she is making!! What is wrong with her?! When I saw her I just kept laughing and laughing. It made the whole night!

She looks like an escaped mental patient.

Now for the dresses I liked:

I guess these two are in a movie adaptation of Grey Gardens. If you have ever seen the documentary on it, it is fascinating. This mother and daughter- cousins of Jackie O. live in a run down house that is overgrown. It is a very sad and interesting story. I am not quite sure why it needs to be remade and even more unsure of why they chose these two to do it, but that is of no matter. At the award show these two were really hanging on each other and giggling and stuff. It was very weird. It seems like they were silly 12 year old girls.
This blue dress that Drew Barrymore is wearing is so fun. I love it! I love the skirt and the material and the color. I just adore the dress!

Grey Gardens

Her hair, on the other hand, is a wreck! I can't stand it! I think she was trying to be a little Grey Gardens and was taking some license. She was trying to promote her movie. That is the only way I can justify liking this look. If you put your finger over her head, I love it! I have to really like this dress a lot to put it in the like section with hair like that- and I do!

Love the dress.

I really love this whole outfit. I hate that the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore gets to have a role in the award show just because she is their daughter, but nevertheless, she looks great. I love the color of dress and I like how it almost clashes with her hair, but not quite. I love the belt and the details at the bodice and waist. The skirt is so pretty! I think the girl's hair and makeup are great too. She is a little young for all that chest showing, but at least it is not cleavage. Very fun!

I think this dress is so airy and pretty. The color is lovely on the girl and I love the bodice and skirt. It reminds me very much of one Charlize Theron wore a few years ago- which I also loved.

You have to see this dress on the tv to appreciate how beautiful and rich the fabric is. It seems that almost every actress wore a strapless and that style is not my favorite, but this looks so nice on her. I love the neckline with the square part and the skirt falls so beautifully. She just looks so elegant.

Laura Linney looked the best I have ever seen her and one of the best dressed of the night. I love this dress! I love the color and skirt and neckline. She looks young and classy and glowing. When I first saw it, I wanted Kate Blanchett to be wearing it because it just seemed to suit her, but it is very nice with this lady's hair and skin. I love it!

I don't know who this girl is, but I love her dress! Is she from Mad Men too? I adore this dress. It is one of my very favorites. It is so retro but very current. I love that color of red. I love the sleeves and skirt. Her hair is cute with it; one of my very favorites of the night.

I love this dress as well. It is very pretty and ladylike on Elizabeth Banks. I think the jewellry and hair and makeup are perfect along with it. The neckline is a little low, as usual, but I love it overall. This one you really have to see on tv to get the full effect because of the way it moves and the color of it.

Amy Adams looks so great! I love her hair color against this dress color. I love the fullness of the skirt. She looks so elegant and beautiful. This is one of my very favorites of the night. Another dress you need to see on tv in order to appreciate the beauty and weight of the fabric.

And finally, this canary yellow dress. I love it and I want it! It is so retro and feminine. She should be dancing in this dress. I love it! I did not get to see it on tv, unfortunelty and would like to. This is by far one of my favorite dresses in the last few years.

Finally, I love this picture of Ricky Gervais and wife. They are like little happy twins. This picture really made me smile! Her dress is horrible, but I love this picture!