Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Last weekend I drove out to Las Vegas to visit my good friend Jenny. Olivia came along and was a pretty good road trip buddy. She is becoming quite well traveled- at least around Arizona. We drove to a family reunion in Northern Arizona a couple of months ago. Matthew and I drove down to Tucson a month ago to stay in a resort against the mountains with Olivia. Olivia and I flew out to Orange County, California to visit Lacy a couple months ago and now we have been to Vegas! She just needs to see the Grand Canyon and then we have Arizona covered.
We had a really relaxing weekend and it was so fun to see Jenny and Olivia become friends! It is hard with Jenny living so far away. I miss you Jenny!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sticky Rice

We started Olivia on rice cereal last week. Her first experience with somewhat solid foods. She was really excited about it and was all smiley and laughing most of the time. She really liked grabbing the spoon from me and pulling it into her mouth herself. When I wasn't paying attention she went for the bowl of rice and dumped the whole thing on the counter and the floor. I am just glad she does not know how to throw yet.