Sunday, December 30, 2007


I first saw Birta Bjornsdottir's Juniform collection earlier this year. She is an Icelandic designer with such a cool name! I emailed her to see if she had any clothes in stores in the US. She was really nice, but said that she did not. So for the time being, I guess I can only look at these clothes online! Some of the pieces have a Star Wars/fantasy/romance feel to them, which on paper would not appeal to me, but I am really quite charmed by her clothes! She uses a lot of layering and contrast that result in a little bit of a nomadic effect. I would love to have one of her jackets. She has some of the most unique and interesting shapes and textures! Her 2007 collection and "New Stuff" is amazing! I don't really like her 2006 collection much at all, so stick to the newer stuff.

I want to wear every piece of this outfit. I love the piping on the pants and the jacket is so fun!

For now you can only buy her clothes in Iceland, but I think she is working on her online store. One more reason to go to Iceland!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Perfect Jacket

There were two major factors that made me finally decide to buy a nice jacket. One, I got a raise. Two, I need a warm jacket for our impending move to Philadelphia. And, yes, we are moving there. Over the last few months I have seen so many cool jackets that I am just in love with. There were quite a few contenders for the final choice:

This leather one was my very favorite, but with a $3200 price tag, I just could not justify it. My raise was not that good.

In the end I went with this very close second favorite. It is a WeSC jacket and it is so beautiful! Every few days I go look at it in my closet. Tonight, M and I walked to a local hotdog place and I tried it out for the first time with my Pretty Raccoon scarf. It was perfect. A friend of ours owns Retail Laboratory and he gave me a pretty sweet discount. Thanks Chris!


One of my favorite online fashion magazines is Fashion156 . It is a pretty simple magazine with minimal content in each issue, but a new issue comes out every 2 weeks, so there is always plenty to read. Susie Bubble, of StyleBubble fame, is a writer for the magazine and she always has interesting things to say.

The Christmas/New Year's issue came out last week and the pictures are beautiful! They are so ethereal! I keep going back and looking at the pictures over and over.

I loved the description of the issue:
"A Christmas issue and not a sequin or piece of tinsel in sight! As someone who loves Christmas more than most six year olds it was a pretty tall order, but I resisted and present to you a frozen winter landscape as the set for our elaborate fashion story this issue. Taking distressed lace, fur, feathers and adding the odd sculpted fishtail evening gown, lashings of tie-front shirts and a touch of harshness with skin-tight leather gloves, these are romantic looks echoing the mood for next season. Colours are faded and washed out: pale greys, ivory, fawn with black added for a touch of drama."
I appreciate the lack of sequins and tinsel when it comes to clothing!