Sunday, March 9, 2008

Buy me rings

Over the last few months I have seen a lot of different silhouette rings and the more I see, the more I want them all. I love rings! Currently I only wear my wedding ring and my silver vertical ring from Small Things Designs. I love that ring! It was a very sweet gift from my Mother-in-Law. My wonderful husband told her that I wanted it. I have worn it everyday for almost two years now and have not yet grown tired of it. I sometimes think about mixing it up, though. The silhouette rings I have seen are mostly silly and completely impractical, but they are so fun! Here are my favorites:

I can't even imagine how often you would catch them on things or bang them on desks and doors and children! The animal ones in the top few pictures are relatively cheap, but the antler ones in silver and the wood house ones at the bottom are a couple of hundred dollars each. Maybe I could just put them all in a jewelry box and look at them and touch them for hours on end.
The animal ones are so fun with their vivid colors and shapes. At $12 each, it might be worth it to see how long you can go without snapping a little fox off the top.


I am quite taken with the French clothing line Heimstone. I love the muted colors and the cool details. The site is so cool too, so definitely go there and look at the rest of the clothes.

Watch this cute video of the same model in the Heimstone clothing, only in this video, she learns how to smile! Isn't the scenery amazing?