Sunday, April 20, 2008

Antlers are so hot right now

I love this antler purse. It would be wonderfully handy as you could use it for a weapon too. Especially useful in Killadelphia. The Rich in Craft website has more beautiful pictures- my favorite being the greyish brown one in the second picture in the gallery. It is the one with the white handle. Go take a peek.


Jeffrey Benson said...

While those are awesome, I can't say I'm really digging the return of the antler to interior design, even if it is ironic.

Year of Pie said...

I don't like the antler thing - I'm sick of seeing it in EVERY design layout for the past three years. I think it's a fun idea for purse handles, but I have no patience for it at this point. However, I LOVE the rest of the purse! Such a cool shape.

Nacho said...

I don't like antler for decor- unless it is a cabin or something and, even then, I am not a huge fan. This purse, however, rocks!