Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I haven't worn a necklace in so long that the last time I did, it was made of beads and hemp. And it was a choker! I have had my eye on a few necklaces over the last year or so and have become more and more comfortable with the idea of wearing them again. I am really into cuffs and really enjoy earrings, and still plan to, I just want to see about necklaces too. I sent my husband these two necklaces months ago saying how much I love them and he surprised me with both of them for my birthday. They are so fun! I have only worn the white one so far and I will admit, it made me a little nervous! It is weird to go from no necklace for years to the biggest necklaces one can find!

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ferskner said...

Both are so cool - but I especially love the white one. I think I remember seeing it in your bathroom in between my vomit trips. I like to think it was a small point of beauty in an otherwise miserable few moments. Also, the prospect of more CHiPS helped, too.

What is it made out of?