Monday, June 9, 2008


My husband and I have been watching Euro 2008 and it has been a lot of fun! We watched a lot of the coverage for the World Cup a few years ago, but it was my first time really watching soccer. When I was maybe 12 years old, I had one glorious summer in St. Johns, Arizona where my cousins Anna, Satya, Lucia and Jessyka lived. It was a very impromtu game that the kids in town all decided to play and I was invited- though I had never played before. It was so fun! I still remember standing there watching the other kids play around me and just being in awe at how much fun they were having. I still look back on that as one of my favorite memories as a kid. You would think I would go on to play soccer, but no, tennis is my one true sports love.

Most of the Euro 2008 games have been really interesting and exciting. One thing that stood out to me though was the Netherlands' team uniforms (above). I LOVE the color contrast with the orange and baby blue! That is so cool! It got me thinking about color contrast in clothing (my husband is so great because he will talk about it with me while we are watching. He doesn't think it is lame because it is a "girl thing" while we are watching sports). I am familiar and comfortable with contrasting colors when it come to throwing in unexpected shoes or jewelry (as in the picture below- which is not me), but not as comfortable throwing in contrasting colors in the actual pieces of clothing and choosing clothing with very contrasting colors.

Here are a few that I really like:

I hope someday I can look this insane and yet cool at the same time.


Vintage Vinyl said...

Wow, Great outfits. Especially that old woman, she is funky!

Jeffrey Benson said...

Euro has been great! Netherlands/France was a great game... Henry is ridiculous. By the way, I used your sea World passes the other day! Thanks so much!!! Plus, bug now resides on our fridge.

The Clothes Horse said...

These are some really lovely looks. One of my favorites is the simple red dress and the turquoise flats. And Anna Piaggi is always fabulous.

ferskner said...

I love talking about non-soccer topics during soccer too - that's where all my loyalties come from! The Dutch uniforms are always great.

I've been trying to convince my friends here that wearing pink earrings with a pink shirt is not a good thing, but none of them believe me. Contrasting colors are so fun, I don't get why people don't lap it up. The red and turquoise girl is my favorite of this lineup.