Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Last weekend I drove out to Las Vegas to visit my good friend Jenny. Olivia came along and was a pretty good road trip buddy. She is becoming quite well traveled- at least around Arizona. We drove to a family reunion in Northern Arizona a couple of months ago. Matthew and I drove down to Tucson a month ago to stay in a resort against the mountains with Olivia. Olivia and I flew out to Orange County, California to visit Lacy a couple months ago and now we have been to Vegas! She just needs to see the Grand Canyon and then we have Arizona covered.
We had a really relaxing weekend and it was so fun to see Jenny and Olivia become friends! It is hard with Jenny living so far away. I miss you Jenny!


ferskner said...

BOlivia is quite the jet setter. Although what is Cali to Indiana? Get her over here!

Merrill Family & KSP Spices said...

Looks like fun! Missed you at the sealing! Hope to see you soon.