Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Graham is just about two weeks old. One of my greatest concerns about him joining our family was how Olivia would react to him. So far, it has been wonderful! Matthew and I really focused on trying not to change our routine too much the first week and to spend a lot of quality one on one time with Olivia. For the first week, I spent a lot of time breastfeeding, but when I wasn't, Matthew had Graham so that Olivia saw that we were still going to cuddle on the couch when she woke up and read books at her leisure and play outside and all the things we try and do everyday. Towards the end of the first week I started integrating Graham into the routine slowly. Olivia took it very well. She thinks Graham is the cutest, sweetest baby. She loves to check for dirt between his toes as she does her own toes, obsessively. She likes how he grips her finger and the "penguin noises" he makes. Olivia is always helpful as she will bring me diapers or pick out Graham's clothes or bring Graham some imaginary treat. Anytime he cries she tells me he is crying and will try and give him one of her stuffed animals, usually her favorite Winnie the Pooh ones. She is just so sweet and has shown no sign of jealousy- so far. It makes me so happy!

I try not to ooh and awe over Graham too much when Olivia is around but as soon as she goes to bed he is all mine! He is such a cuddly little baby and really likes to be held right up again the chest. He sleeps and eats constantly. When Olivia was just born she slept the first day but after that it was game on to get her to go to sleep. There was so much rocking and walking and singing to get her to stay asleep. Graham sleeps for hours at a time, wakes up to eat, then goes back to sleep for hours and hours. As you see, I don't have one picture here of him with his eyes open!

His hair is looking more and more red. When he does wake up, if he is not fed immediately, he freaks out. He screams in anger. Olivia slowly started boiling over after a few minutes if you didn't give her enough attention at that age. Graham the Red, his Viking nickname, is like a powder keg when it comes to eating.

I think Graham and Olivia look similar as babies, minus the hair color. Here is each baby in their first week of life in the same onesie and same pose:



More pictures:




I am pretty excited about this relationship too but I will save that for another day!


Evelyn Campbell Curtis said...

One thing that amazed me when I went from one kid to two, was the realization of how big my first baby really had become! COngrats again! I'm glad all is well!

Larrrr today, who tomorrow said...

I am so glad things seem to be going so well. Graham is amazing. I love the pictures of Olivia and him together.

Kimberly Bright said...

Oh so cute!! Olivia is going to be one awesome big sister! Congratulations to you both! :)