Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is NOT blood

Olivia has started to no longer take naps. I write it so simply and without emotion, but that last sentence is one of the saddest I have ever penned (can you say "penned" if you type it??).
Olivia still benefits from a half hour or so break in her crib with her pacifier of quiet time (so do I) so whether or not she takes a nap, she goes in her crib every afternoon.

In a should-have-been-unrelated-matter, Matthew got Olivia some markers. Olivia has used markers before and, of course, loves them but she does not own any by design because they make such a mess.Well, Matthew got her some and after she used them I put them on top of her dresser where she couldn't reach them.

Matthew put her down for her nap. We heard her talking and stuff and even yelling out at one point but nothing alarming. I went in there to get her after awhile and this is what I found (besides her 80's bedhead hair):

I jumped a little but was not too freaked out by what she had done. Apparently when she is in her crib she can reach the top of the dresser. Awesome! She was not at all troubled by what she had done- which surprised me as I thought about it. I would have thought she would be laughing and proud of herself. The great thing for me was that she only drew on herself. Not on her white crib or sheets or the white walls or the natural wood floors or even her clothes. Crazy kid!

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