Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jul - part 2

Me adding the lights to the tree before we decorate

Matthew's sister, Ann, posted on Facebook a bunch of pictures from her trip here and I stole them and here they are in this post- a mishmash of stuff we did. There may be another post as she uploads more. Okay, I asked her permission to use them- after the fact. Thank you, Ann.

A flower vendor on Stroget (the walking street) gave Olivia this rose and she was so excited. She carried it around the entire day.

This is the Round Tower on Stroget. You can walk all the way up the building on a winding ramp like floor. We went up to the top where you can look out 360 degrees over the city. We stopped for Olivia to hide and look in windows in the floor and take some pictures at the Kissing Bench.

Our little family

Ann and the kids

Matthew and the kids

View from the top
Ann at the top of the Round Tower

Walking outside

Lego store on Stroget

Matthew and Graham at a church - one of many amazing ones in Copenhagen

Grundtvig Kirke - church right by our apartment

Graham without his snow suit

Ann with a Fransk hotdog. Come and visit me and you shall taste this awesomeness!

Sleepy Boy

Bug in our 'hood

Bug and her crew

BFF - Ann and Olivia

We had such a great time with Ann. As that lady from "The Titanic" said to her sinking lover who she couldn't possibly have made room for on her piece of wood floating in the water at the end of the movie "Come back! Come back!" Come back, Ann! We miss you!

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ferskner said...

LOL I can't believe you got a Titanic reference in there. Too bad Pat will have no idea what it means. I miss CPH and you guys so much!!!!! A perfect two weeks.