Thursday, April 5, 2012

3rd Birthday

Invitation to Olivia's birthday party


It started out so well. Olivia's 3rd birthday party was going to be great! Anna was in town from the US! Almost everyone we invited came! The food was great! The decorations were so cute- Anna helped with that! The cake was exactly as Olivia requested- a white cake with chocolate frosting with a horse, a dog, a puppy and a cat. The party started out great. As Olivia and I sat down to blow out her candles, she did not want to. She loves blowing out candles! I thought it was from all the pressure of all the people there. I blew them out for her.

Then we cut the cake and started just talking and playing and Olivia was sitting on the floor playing with some presents and all the sudden she started throwing up. A lot. Matthew was behind her on the couch and helped her throw up into her skirt. Everyone looked on in horror. I was hoping it was something she ate. I showered her off and put on her pajamas as she wanted (so much for the cute dress and cardigan I dressed her in) and then she wanted her pacifier and to get in bed.

So she went to bed and the party continued around her. The kids kept playing in her room while she was there in the bed- which she really liked. People ate cake and food. I was so appreciative to everyone for not bailing out right then and there in fear of whatever stomach ailment she might have. The party went on.

It was so good to see Lars and Ulrika and family from Sweden as well as Sarita

Helene and her family came from the magical farm they recently moved to. My good friend, Lene, and her boys came.

Olivia eventually asked to get out of bed. She did not look so good. She just kind of lazied around the party looking like this.

Emma and her daughter, Nora, came.
Anna directed the kids in a game of Pin the Tail on the Horse. It was cute!

The next morning Olivia was totally fine. It was only a 12 hour thing. She was all excited to play with her new toys when she woke up. When I ask her about her party she doesn't mention the throwing up or being sick but just talks about all her friends being there so I guess it was still a really good birthday party!

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