Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spending to Save

Right now my husband is obsessed with two things: a) selling all his earthly possessions on Amazon, and b) searching for things to buy on Slickdeals . He finds some really great deals on the site and tells me about his great ability to save money by spending money on something that he would not have otherwise bought because it is too much money. His enthusiasm has infected me and I now own a new swimsuit, a 5 dvd workout set, and a sweet jacket- all things I do not need and would not have bought without my husband's enterprising ways. I am most excited about my jacket! Yes, another jacket- this one much lighter. I bought it at KarmaLoop - directed there by slickdeals. Jeff showed me the KarmaLoop site quite a long time ago, but the prices are usually a little steep for the items I really like. Behold my new jacket!

The details are so fun! I love the long, ribbed cuffs and collar and the purple piping along the chest!

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Year of Pie said...

Oh they're cuffs! I thought they were short sleeves over a sweater. I really want a three-quarter sleeved jacket, but generally the ones I find are boxy shaped and therefore don't work on me. And I haven't found anything I'm crazy in love with yet. The search continutes. Good pick!