Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween in Sweden

We spied these cute ghost cakes at the bakery next to our apartment!

For Halloween we went to Lars and Ulrika's house in Malmo, Sweden. It was so fun! The house was decorated so cute and festive and there was candy everywhere! Olivia and Siri dressed up as mummies. Joar was a vampire. Love was a zombie/ monster of some kind. Matthew and I went to IKEA and bought a couple of cheap sheets and ripped them into strips.

Olivia sat there patiently while I wrapped her. I don't know if she was so compliant because it was already well past her bedtime or because Siri was also getting wrapped, but she just sat there and let me do it. I was so happy; I had planned on her struggling!

Finished product!

Olivia was okay holding Siri's hand for a second and then she looked up and kind of freaked out at Siri's costume!

Olivia loved Trick-or-Treating! She got so excited and just mesmorized by people putting candy in her little cauldron. It was great!

Ulrika holding Lisa, Love, Siri, Joar, me holding Olivia and Lars and Matthew behind where you can't see!

It was a really fun night and Olivia loved it!

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