Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thank you, Rod and Paul

A few days ago we received a large package in the mail. It was addressed to Olivia Cox. She opened it and inside were four Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals shipped all the way from Portland, Oregon. She loves them! Olivia already sleeps with a stuffed dog that my friend Rory gave to her for her birthday that we brought with us to Denmark. She also sleeps with a doll we bought here in Copenhagen. Now she tries to take all four Winnie the Pooh animals into her crib and sleep with all of her favorite toys! I usually only let her bring in one or two, in addition to the dog, and she usually picks Piglet or Roo. Thank you so much Rod and Paul!! It was such an unexpected and much appreciated present! I showed her a Winnie the Pooh video on YouTube and she grabs each animal as it comes on screen and kisses it or makes it dance or pushes it up against the computer screen. You guys are great! We love you!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh that is sooo cute with all the stuffed animals! There's so many I don't think Olivia knows what to do with them all :)