Saturday, May 28, 2011

København Brandvæsen

The Copenhagen Fire Stations hold open houses with fire demonstration for kids for 5 or 6 Saturdays in the Summer. My Danish friend, Lene, told us about it and so we headed down there this morning. The open house started with the firemen lighting a barrel on fire and putting it out with different methods. That lasted about a half hour. Then the kids were free to wander from fire truck to ambulance to the fire hose and get some hands on experience with all the equipment. They gave out fire safety vests and a fire helmet- which Olivia loved! It was such a fun time! We love Copenhagen!!

Matthew wanted these fire suits so badly!

Video below: Olivia on fire hose- I was having technical difficulties with the camera and didn't get her holding the hose for very long!


Evelyn Campbell Curtis said...

she is so cute.... still! I think she looks a lot like you Saron

Evelyn Campbell Curtis said...

oops, of course I meant Sharon. :)