Saturday, July 30, 2011

Camo Babies

Yesterday I put Graham's camoflauge shirt on. Olivia has a onesie that is camouflage that she has grown out of that I still let her wear as a shirt, tucked in you so can't see the snaps. It works great! I thought about sewing it into a shirt but want Graham to be able to wear it once he is bigger. When Olivia saw Graham with his camo on, she said- "Olia wear that shirt!" So she went into her room to put on her camo shirt. Once I saw them all matchy matchy I had to take some pictures. Matthew came in to take a few and asked- "Since when are we dressing our kids in matching clothes?" and then he asked "and why are they wearing camouflage?". I was kind of thinking the same thing as the photo shoot played out but I couldn't help myself!

-Oh, final thought- Matthew and I want to try and see if we can get Olivia to do that huge smile for every picture taken of her until she is at least 16. Do you think we can do it?


Lucia said...

You're kids are so CUTE!! and you look great, I can't wait to see you all this weekend!

Sarita Serup said...

No way Olivia will go for that wide grin until 16. Twelve max, and even that's pushing it-- sorry to burst your bubble, Sharon, but don't you remember what you were like at 16? (I was a raging PAIN, but you are very sweet now, so maybe you weren't a pill back then... hmmm.) Anyway, make sure you capture TONS of those smiles now because they're SO cute! And, Bjarni said Graham is a spitting image of Matthew! Miss you. Have a wonderful trip home!!! (*Jealous sigh*)

~Merrill ~Millennial Preschool said...

love it! and she just might play along with the smile thing! teenagers seem to do anything to get attention!!!