Monday, August 29, 2011


In August I flew back to the US for three weeks for the wedding of my little sister, Ellen. The only thing that could get me back to Arizona in the Summer is the weddings of my siblings or closest friends. I was not excited about returning to that heat! Ellen wanted to get married before the Fall semester of her husband's schooling, so August it was! Seeing her get married and really just the whole day of activity was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I was a little hesitant to go only because of having to travel with a 2 month old and a two year old, but it was well worth it! Now I am back home in Copenhagen with pictures to document the trip!

Ellen and Matthijs

The beautiful bride

I had so much fun doing wedding things with Ellen! We went shopping for lingerie, her luncheon dress, wedding shoes, gloves and generally just did all the bridal shopping. I just loved it! I did Ellen's makeup and hair for the wedding and it was just so fun to bond with her in the ultimate girl's activities. Ellen looked so beautiful and I am so excited for her and her new husband, Matthijs!

Olivia had so much fun playing with Greg and Emily's kids- Zuzu and Linkin (pictured)
She also had so much fun with Marie's kids and Carl's kids. It was so fun to see her with her cousins and it made me sad that she will have so little interaction with them.

Olivia had the biggest crush on Grandpa. All she wanted to do was see him and talk to him and play with him. Here is she a little scared on the lawnmower.


Olivia eats some Dairy Queen

Weird car seat stare down

Well, there is really so much to write about this trip but I have been home for over two months now and I just don't feel like dragging it out! Maybe I will on future posts. On to other things! So long Arizona! I can't say when we will meet again!

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