Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Happy Birthday Bug! 6 years of crazy, neurotic, sweet, awesomeness! On Christmas morning, 2005, the first year we were married, I made Matthew abandon his pork roast in the oven and drive with me to Queen Creek to "help me pick up another Christmas tree for my mom". It was an unbelievable excuse, but then that was part of the fun. As we drove out Matthew was nervous trying to figure out what was going on. We pulled up to the house and rang the door bell. Who should answer the door? Two of the craziest looking adult Boston Terriers you have ever seen- both wearing bandanas. It was awesome! Then Matthew knew for sure why we were there- to get a puppy. The owners let us in the backyard to look at the puppies and pick one. There was a big, perfect female that Matthew immediately wanted, but she was already sold. There was a male puppy with perfect markings as well. Matthew really wanted a big Boston with perfect markings. I saw this one little runt looking up at Matthew so sadly. This little puppy just sat and stared up at Matthew as he was looking at the other puppies. Matthew asked which one he should get and I said he had to decide- but I loved the little runt. Matthew picked her and we took her home right then. "The best Christmas present" Matthew ever received was named Bug on the way home. Matthew had been wanting a Boston for years and wanted to name it Bug. So... to the cutest, dumbest, sweetest, most annoying dog ever... we love you Bug! Happy Birthday- we hope for at least 6 more with you!
Please view these pictures from our adventures with Bug over the years...

This last one was taken about a month ago. She is America's Gentleman.

Note: as I am rereading this post, it seems a little like a tribute to someone who has died. I must assure you all that Bug is alive and well... I am just feeling sentimental about her right now for some reason!

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Kimberly Bright said...

Oh my gosh ... 6 years?! Bug is so so cute and I can't believe she's 6! What cute pictures and loved the story of how you got her. I don't think I ever heard it. :)

Miss you!