Monday, May 7, 2012

Anna comes!

Anna and Harrison

Anna and Harrison came to Copenhagen on March 22. I was so happy to see them! Olivia's birthday was March 20 but I held off on having her birthday party until Anna was here so that she could meet some of my friends and enjoy the party too. Anna helped me so much with the party- it was great! For the first few days we did party stuff and church and walked around Nørrebro and the awesome church in my neighborhood. Then we got downtown and started seeing the really good stuff. We went to castles on the boat tour and to museums and just walking all over Copenhagen talking and having a good time. We also spend a day with my friend, Lene, who lives right by the main train station. Anna stayed for just under two weeks. We also went to Sweden to stay overnight with Lars and Ulrika.
Harrison sleeping

Anna and Olivia at a park in Nørrebro


Olivia and Anna


The kids

Anna, Lene and Olivia at a park in Vesterbro near Lene's house

Anna and Lene

Samuel and Olivia



Samuel and Olivia

Lene and Anna

Magnus, Olivia, Samuel, Harrison and Anna
We had such a good time with Anna and were sad to see her go! Harrison was so sweet and so small and we loved to have him here too! Until next time!

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Loren and Anna Merrill said...

Thank you for one of the most memorable time of my life! It was a blast! I had fun stealing a lot of pictures from your blog. I loved the zoo pix! and seeing your parents in Denmark. Fun!