Monday, May 7, 2012

My Folks

 We had such an amazing time with my parents here in Copenhagen. They flew into Copenhagen on April 23 and were here for a week- including on my birthday! The last time we saw them was at Ellen's wedding in Arizona just less than a year ago and we have missed them! We did so many fun things and everything was geared around spending time together as a family. Olivia had the best time! She got so much attention from her grandpa and grandma and we really only did kid centric things. It was so nice to just have my mom and dad around and to talk to them and just be around them.

The first thing we did was to go on a boat tour out of Nyhavn. Always a favorite!


After the boat tour we walked around Stroget. Olivia and Grandpa taking a rest on a stoop!

 Matthew had to work one rainy day and we decided to head up in Northern Denmark to Hillerød to go to Christiansborg Slot. My parents really wanted to see the Carl Bloch paintings there. It is an amazing castle with artwork inside. It was very rainy outside so a good day to be touring a castle!


                                          Large fountain outside the castle

                                              Inside the castle

When we got back to my apartment we played a little and then got the kids to bed.

On one of the days we went to Tivoli- one of the oldest amusement parks in Europe. Olivia and Graham both had so much fun! We had ice cream and watched the kids play. It was a pretty nice day, too.

A couple of days before my parents left, we rented a car and drove to Sweden. We met Lars and Ulrika and family at this really cute and cozy restaurant that was about halfway between Copenhagen and Ale Stenar (near Ystad). It was such a cute place! We had brunch there.

Then we drove another hour or so to Ale Stenar or the Swedish Stonehenge. It is just on the coast and it is beautiful! Lars and family led us up there and we walked around and then came back down for ice cream.

We had such a nice time with my parents here! We wish they could come more often. It made me feel so good to spend time with them and see them interact with Olivia and Graham. Pop and Mom were so generous with their time and money on the trip and that was very appreciated too! Hope to see them again soon!