Thursday, June 14, 2012

Graham's First Birthday - part 2

Graham turned one year old on June 1st. We did not have an official party for him until about a week later, so we did things that he really likes to do during the week up to his party. Our friends Mike and Lene and their sons Samuel and Magnus came over for the small party. Graham got his own cake to eat and destroy. 

Olivia picked out this dog (above) for Graham. He sleeps with it now.

The party was a lot of fun. Graham ate a bunch of the cake but mostly dumped it on the floor. Later that day Olivia and Graham played on their own for a little bit.

Olivia played hide and seek with Graham and found a really good hiding spot.

Another day in the Week of Graham we went to the cemetery right by our house and played with the kids.

We also practiced walking with Graham- he can take about 10 steps on his own.

The Copenhagen Fire Department has open houses all over Copenhagen every Summer. We took the kids there- again to celebrate Graham's birthday. I think he really liked all the noise and commotion.

Olivia really loved celebrating Graham's birthday with him. It was such a fun week!


ferskner said...

Every picture is pretty much the cutest thing ever. What was the crumbly on top of the cake?

Do You Think I Am An Automaton said...

It was cookies crushed so fine to look like sand. Graham loves to play in the sand!

Loren and Anna Merrill said...

Happy Birthday! so Fun!!! Did you move your white shelves to the living room? Looks nice.