Thursday, June 14, 2012

Olivia started going to school at a Danish school near our apartment for about 4 hours a day . We really want Olivia to learn Danish and this is the best way to do it. She really loves it! The school is really nice because it has all these fun toys and art and music to participate in. All the kids and teachers speak Danish all day, everyday. The teachers speak English too, of course, so they can help Olivia to know what is going on until she picks up the language. The outside is really nice too. It is all green and hilly and there is a slide and swings and other playground type toys. When I go to pick her up she is always happy and tired out from running around. We feel really lucky to have found such a fun environment for her. This is Olivia in our apartment getting ready to leave for school on her first day.

Walking to school...

There was a Summer party on Olivia's second day and we stayed and got to know other kids and their parents. Here I am helping her hammer a nail.

Video of the kids and teachers practicing a song that they sang later that day for the Summer party.


ferskner said...

Ooooo I didn't know she'd been called up. She looks so grown up going to school!

Loren and Anna Merrill said...

So cute! She sure knows how to pose! She has grown up fast just in the last couple of months.