Thursday, July 5, 2012


The kids and I went to Sweden on Tuesday to visit Lars and Ulrika and family. Matthew had to work so he stayed home. We had such a great time, as always! We went to the beach in Malmo and played in the water. I didn't realize my camera battery was dying and I could only take 6 picture before it died. So annoying! When we go to the beach in Copenhagen here soon, I will be sure to take more pictures. Speaking of the beach...

Ulrika, Graham, Olivia and Lisa

Olivia and Siri

Ulrika, Olivia, Joar, Lisa and 2 random Swedish kids

Olivia, Siri, Lisa and Joar

Sharon and Olivia (Siri in background)

Ulrika and Lisa (Graham asleep in stroller in the background)

....We are moving into a new apartment!! We move on August 1st! The new apartment is in Østerbro, which is much closer to the beach here in Copenhagen. We are so excited for the move! Here are some pictures below of our place. There are things we love about it and things that we will try and improve on.


back bedroom

little back bedroom

front room- maybe a dining room

front room- living room

The kitchen has no charm. None! It is pretty big though, so that is great. We are only renting so we are not going to be doing any remodeling or anything. I wish we could tear it up and make it look more like our old kitchen in our house in Arizona that Matthew remodeled. I miss that kitchen! 

Also, the bathroom is not great. It is bigger than our current one, so that is something. We will live on the ground floor- which is not so fun. We all really love looking our the windows up high like we do now on the 2nd floor (would be considered 3 floor in the US). Three college guys lived in this new apartment before us so the wood floors are really dirty. We are hoping that cleans up pretty nicely. 

On the very positive side- the neighborhood ROCKS! It is a nice neighborhood with so much to do. It will be fun to have a whole new area to explore. So far my favorite things about the area are the energy of the area, the close proximity to Faelledparken, this huge, green, amazing park with a lot to look at. There are Thai, Mexican and Indian places just around the corner from us. As far as the apartment goes, it is almost twice as big as our current place. It has a huge cellar underneath with  trapdoor access in the floor! That will come in handy for Halloween parties! There is a DISHWASHER! My life will be complete! Anyway, we are so excited to move in! This is going to be an awesome summer!

 To add to that excitement, my dear friend, Jenny, will be here to visit us in a few days! I cannot wait! I am sure there will be plenty of pictures once she arrives! This summer is going to be the summer of discovery- new apartment, new neighborhood, Jenny coming to Europe for the first time, Graham just learning to walk... I am excited!

PS- don't ask about the weird highlighting. I tried to fix it and deleted half my post!

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