Monday, July 23, 2012

Børnehuset Hurlumhej

Olivia's school is called Hurlumhej. The kids named it themselves before Olivia started there. It translates to hullabaloo in English. Appropriately named school for Olivia to attend!

A few weeks ago the school played soccer. Olivia wanted to wear her Danish soccer jersey. You see her there in the red shirt.

As you see in those last pictures, Olivia got very attached to one teacher in particular, Sine. Olivia and I both love her! She is so sweet and patient and nice. She just quit Olivia's school a week ago. She was the only person to leave in the last 5 years or so. We are so sad! I know Olivia misses her. I hope Olivia bonds well with other teachers too. So far she has really liked her school. We are moving to a new apartment this week but she will go to the same school. It is a little bit longer of a ride but I think it is worth it!

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