Saturday, July 13, 2013

Today is Saturday and the temperature is 72 degrees. It is a perfect day for a bike ride to the beach! We live in Østerbro which, on the map below, is just South of Hellerup. Copenhagen downtown is on the map, unmarked, just northeast of Frederiksberg. 

We rode our bikes and stopped to get some lunch items. Then we went about 20 minutes North to Charlottenlund beach. It was so packed! There were so many people all along the coast. We had a picnic and then swam in the water and played in the sand for a few hours. The kids had a good time. I did our first swimming lesson of the Summer with Olivia. She was very excited about it!

Swimming area 

There is a camping area just behind the beach on top of these old barracks. We planned on camping there this weekend but it was all booked up. We walked around the campgrounds to check it out.

As we walked around, we came across a bride and groom having their pictures taken. Olivia was so excited about the bride. Their backdrop was amazing!

All part of the campgrounds above and then you see the beach in the distance there.

Across the street is Charlottenlund Slot (castle) and gardens. 

Cool old building

It was such a fun day and I just can't get over how beautiful Denmark is. There is just so much to do here. We find something new all the time! I LOVE Denmark!

PS- I stole a few pictures off of Google images- thank you.

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