Monday, December 16, 2013


I am about 5 months behind on this blog! It is okay though! I am going to take the next couple of days and post everything from the last couple of months. 

In July, Graham started attending the same school as Olivia. They are both learning Danish and making little friends! Olivia is about fluent in Danish. Graham really just started learning Danish in July when he started. He had picked up a few phrases and words from Olivia and church and a few words I say here and there, but we speak mostly English at home. It is has been interesting watching him learn more and more words since he started going there.

In September, their school, called Hurlumhej- which means hubbub in English, went on a field trip to an old, working farm. 

Graham and Olivia really liked the pigs

The kids were obsessed with this pig. They talked about it for days.

Their sweet ride

Tina, the leader of their school, singing to the kids

Marie, Olivia's favorite teacher

Olivia in the pink playing a game

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