Friday, December 28, 2007

Perfect Jacket

There were two major factors that made me finally decide to buy a nice jacket. One, I got a raise. Two, I need a warm jacket for our impending move to Philadelphia. And, yes, we are moving there. Over the last few months I have seen so many cool jackets that I am just in love with. There were quite a few contenders for the final choice:

This leather one was my very favorite, but with a $3200 price tag, I just could not justify it. My raise was not that good.

In the end I went with this very close second favorite. It is a WeSC jacket and it is so beautiful! Every few days I go look at it in my closet. Tonight, M and I walked to a local hotdog place and I tried it out for the first time with my Pretty Raccoon scarf. It was perfect. A friend of ours owns Retail Laboratory and he gave me a pretty sweet discount. Thanks Chris!

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Year of Pie said...

The jacket I thought you'd bought was the grey one above your favorite leather jacket. That's the one I covet the most! It's so beautiful....