Friday, December 28, 2007


One of my favorite online fashion magazines is Fashion156 . It is a pretty simple magazine with minimal content in each issue, but a new issue comes out every 2 weeks, so there is always plenty to read. Susie Bubble, of StyleBubble fame, is a writer for the magazine and she always has interesting things to say.

The Christmas/New Year's issue came out last week and the pictures are beautiful! They are so ethereal! I keep going back and looking at the pictures over and over.

I loved the description of the issue:
"A Christmas issue and not a sequin or piece of tinsel in sight! As someone who loves Christmas more than most six year olds it was a pretty tall order, but I resisted and present to you a frozen winter landscape as the set for our elaborate fashion story this issue. Taking distressed lace, fur, feathers and adding the odd sculpted fishtail evening gown, lashings of tie-front shirts and a touch of harshness with skin-tight leather gloves, these are romantic looks echoing the mood for next season. Colours are faded and washed out: pale greys, ivory, fawn with black added for a touch of drama."
I appreciate the lack of sequins and tinsel when it comes to clothing!


Otto said...

Boy! Those are sure prety pictures. But their not as pretty as you are, my sweets...

Jeffrey Benson said...

I love mens long wool coats...That will be my next purchase.

Year of Pie said...

Hey, that's my Indiana ice storm wedding set!!!!

These pictures are so freaking awesome. I will be sad when the whole distressed tulle, chiffon, layered, pleated fabric thing is done because I love it so much.