Saturday, August 18, 2012

More O

So we are finally pretty settled in our new place! I have pictures to download, but not today! We are loving the new location! The beach is a 5 minute bike ride away! We went a couple of weeks ago. Lately we have just been working on the apartment- it was so, so dirty you just can't even imagine it. We are still trying to polish it up. So, more on that later. 

Here are a few pictures from Olivia at her school. The school emails me pictures after field trips and events. It is great!
Oh and Olivia is speaking a lot of Danish at school now, a few of the teachers have told me. We have a little neighbor boy next door to us just her age and she has been speaking a little Danish to him too. At home she will tell me little things like "In Danish we say..." and then tells me random words or phrases. It is so cute!

So these are pictures from her trip to the zoo and trip to this big forest/park area called Dyrehavn:


Sarita Serup said...

O is so big and keeps getting cuter. I hope you are picking up on Danish from your very own special tutor, Sharon!

Do You Think I Am An Automaton said...

She is teaching me a lot! I also take night classes twice a week so that is good too!