Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Day for the Beach

We have been waiting for a day to go to the beach. It has just been a little too cold lately. Today I was home with Graham who had just woken up from his nap. It was about 2pm. Matthew called and told me that it was really nice weather out and the weather showed that there would not be many more warm days for a long time- if at all until next year. So, we decided to go to the beach!

We walked there. It took about 10 minutes or so. I love living so close to the water because you can hear that cool horn that ships blow almost every day. I hear seagulls all the time. You can smell the water on the air some days. Anyway, here is our beach day:

Every good trip starts here- the bakery!

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maddie said...

luv Olivia's swim suit