Friday, September 14, 2012

Bonfire Day

At Olive's school they have a bonfire now and again. Last week I dropped her off at school and the kids were already outside sitting around the fire. Olivia went straight out. I stayed in the building, unbeknowst to her, and watched out the window. In the picture below, I was sitting and looking out that far right circle window.

The kids amazed me because they all just sat there. They talked and laughed and some were quiet, like Olivia, but they did not get up or run around or anything. I watched for maybe 10 minutes and not once did any of the 30 or so 3- 5 year old's get up. Crazy!

Olivia is on the right side with the bare legs.

This teacher, Lasse, often plays the guitar and sings to the kids. Olivia is to his right.

This little boy in the purple on Olivia's left told the teacher that he loves Olivia. His name is Elias. He follows her around and just adores her. Stay away, boys, until she is at least 20 or so.

They made √¶bleringe on the fire- apple rings. Sliced apples in batter.

They look tasty!

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