Thursday, November 15, 2012

Det Lille Apotek

There is a really cute restaurant downtown in Copenhagen called Det Lille Apotek that serves traditional, Danish open faced sandwiches. Janet really wanted to go. Matthew and I have been wanting to for a long time. One day when Olivia was at her school we went there for lunch. 

The building is very cute and the interior is very charming and very Danish. 

Graham was conveniently asleep in his stroller so I parked him outside the window (the one above you can see me somewhat anxiously gazing at). He slept there while we went in. I think I have left Graham outside sleeping when I have gone into a store or a restaurant all of ZERO times so it was really just a treat for Janet. Her sister had asked if Danes really leave their babies sleeping outside (they do- all the time) and wanted Janet to get a picture of it. So we took a picture but we can see out the window but you can't in the picture. He slept there for about 45 minutes, which was great because we got more than half way through our meal before he joined us.

Rye bread and herring and onions and remoulade- all amazing!

fish filet with remoulade and lemons

Flaeskesteg , liver pate with bacon, fish filet, rye bread, all kinds of yumminess

We had such a nice time there eating with Janet!!

It was Culture Night in the evening and Janet watched the kids so we could go out. We put them to bed and went out to all these museums and art galleries and just all kinds of places were open until midnight or one. We took a boat tour of the harbor. It was cold, and windy and dark and just so fun! We came home after 1am. A few pictures of Nyhavn from one of the galleries we stopped in.

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