Thursday, November 15, 2012


On Janet's last full day in Copenhagen we went to Tivoli. Tivoli was decorated for Halloween. It was so, so amazing. They use thousands of pumpkins. It is so beautiful and well done.

Olivia was freaking out in the entry to Tivoli. I did not get it on video but she was just literally jumping for joy at the witches and pumpkins and all the decorations. I think Janet was properly impressed as well.

Barely containing her excitement...

Janet and Olivia have the exact same face shape. When she was a little baby she looked just like Janet. Olivia may have my height and hair color but she has Grandma Janet's face shape ...

...and Matthew's sense of mischief.

Matthew put Olivia on top of this bale of hay to show her the Halloween store and she started this 3 minute face making challenge. As you see below...

They have the cutest shops there!

More proof for Janet's sister that Danes park their sleeping babies outside restaurants while they eat inside. I got close enough to see that there were babies inside but thought it would be too creepy to take a picture that close! Usually the moms have baby monitors with them so I had to be careful...

It rained most of the time we were at Tivoli. Janet is taking cover.

Graham, October 2012, Tivoli

This is Olivia shortly after we moved to Denmark. She is just about the same age as Graham is now. This is Olivia at Tivoli in October 2010. 

In the evenings when we got back from the day's activities, Janet usually entertained the kids while I cooked. Graham loved being with Grandma so much. These pictures are dark and blurry and the room is a mess, but they are some of my favorites! We miss Grandma Janet now that she is gone!

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