Thursday, November 15, 2012


Bug is a skeleton every year.

On Halloween Matthew and Olivia carved pumpkins. Olivia drew the face on one and Matthew cut it out. Then he designed and cut out his own. It is Halloween and Olivia is wearing a fairy dress and a pink bow on top of her head. Is she a princess? A fairy? No, this is just what she likes to wear at home. She is so girly when it comes to clothes and especially hair accessories!

Olivia's on the left. Matthew's on the right. These are great!

Jack o lantern burgers

Monster teeth, egg with spider on top

Ants on a log (I knew this one was lame but I had left over celery and some rains. Come on)

Trick or treating! Our friends Emma and Niels and their daughter Nora came along. Emma threw a very fun Halloween party the week before Halloween and we got to talking and she mentioned how there was no where in Copenhagen to trick or treat. Emma is Scottish and misses her childhood tradition of trick or treating. Her husband, Niels, is Danish so he does not know much about it. I told her that we were going to trick or treat our building and a few others and they could join us. It was a really fun night!

Olivia was a skeleton, Graham a farmer, Nora a tiger.


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