Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kronborg Castle

We took Janet to Kronborg Castle, the Hamlet castle. The inside was nowhere near as grand as Frederiksborg but the outside was amazing. 

Olivia trying to open random doors again.

Before we left the apartment, I had some Twix candy bars in the diaper bag by the front doot that I wanted to bring with us on our day trip. Olivia found them and she really wanted to carry them in her purse. She insisted on it. Okay. So I told her we were not going to eat them for quite awhile. She did not care. She wanted to carry them until it was time to eat them. So she carried them for hours until we finally did eat them. Then she couldn't care less about her purse and put it in my diaper bag. Crazy kid.

After we toured inside, we did the Casemates underneath. The Casemates are a maze of cells and dungeons underneath the castle where prisoners were kept. It is totally dark and totally creepy and so awesome. We brought a few tiny flashlights to walk through with. I thought Olivia would be scared but she was not at all. She walked around in the dark tunnels with the tiny light so fearlessly. I was totally creeped out and it was my second time there- her first.

Me and Janet and Graham stuck together while Matthew and Olivia blazed the way ahead.

It was dark.

I accidentally dropped something into this random compartment in the dark, damp, scary tunnels. I could not reach it without climbing down in there- the floor was at the same level as I was standing but there was a wall in bewtween that was too high for me to lean over. So I joked that I would put Olivia in there to get it and she was totally fine with it. I shined my flashlight in the compartment to make sure there we no bats or trolls or goblins in there and they lowered her in.

I lowered her in and then she grabbed it and I lifted her out. Not scared a bit! I love that kid!

Outside the castle

The cannons on the ramparts.

Graham, so calm, watching all of this.

Janet reflecting on her Viking heritage.

Olivia would have been good on the cannon!

Very near the castle on the water's edge is the Little Merman. He is chrome and sits proudly on a rock. 

Matthew made me gaze in his eyes. It was weird!

Throwing in the anchor

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