Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Morning

I love Christmas morning! The kids woke at 7, as usual. I stayed in their room and entertained them while Matthew got the living room ready with candles. At 7am it is still black outside.

 Cozy candles

Christmas music on the laptop

Stockings added to the pile

Me, entertaining the kids

Then Matthew calls them into the hall and tells them that Santa did not come. He let that sit for a second or two and then said- just kidding, he came!! - before they could cry. 

Stocking discovery

After about 5 minutes with their stockings we opened presents

Bug got a ball which she chewed up in about 2 hours

When the presents were opened, we started playing! The kids got so many new, fun things! I got a scarf and some nice kitchen stuff and Matthew got some projects and some books.

Grandma Janet bought the kids a duplo set when she was here- it has animals and a car and airplane- the kids love it. We have been storing it since October and we got to give that to the kids.

My parents got us this really cool keyboard you see in the box there. It was such a fun, amazing surprise! Matthew and I have wanted one for a long time.

Graham loving his new shirt from Rod and Paul

So, Olivia is into bows. Hair bows, neck bows, shoe bows, whatever. I didn't even know you could be into bows. What the heck? She is such a girl! Anyway, Matthew saw this huge, bejeweled bow at the store and had to get it for her for Christmas. As you can see, she loves it.

What a great Christmas!

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