Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ready for Christmas

We started using an advent calendar (Julekalender) on December 1st. We also watched a daily Christmas series (also called a Julekalender) every day from December 1 - 24th. It is about 15 minutes long each night and the it has the cutest episodes about a man running his friend's farm. It is called Sebastian's Jul. Every day Sebastian does something new on the farm- catches geese that escape from their pen, shoes horses, etc. It is geared towards kids and our kids loved it! It was aired on Danish TV in 2010 and I loved it and Matthew gave it to me as an early Christmas present this year so we could watch it! I could not find any episodes online anywhere, so all you get to see is one of the goofy music numbers.

watch the video...

We started talking about and celebrating Christmas so early and the kids have no real concept of time, so basically every day they asked me if it was Christmas. I think it became quite frustrating to Olivia that it was taking so long!

Graham in Santa hat- days before Christmas

Olivia in her apron- we were making Christmas treats (probably about to ask me if today is Christmas) 

Bug anxiously waiting for Christmas to come and hoping to get a present (a ball)

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