Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy New Year!

For New Years Eve, our friends Rune and Helena invited us over to their house to celebrate. We were so excited to go, but then SOMEONE (Matthew) got sick again. We ended up staying home. I was so sad because they are so much fun and it would have been a good time. It was okay though because we often stay in on New Years and it is always really fun! Olivia and I decorated the apartment in the morning and had a leisurely day preparing. Matthew and I got together the things for a Cheese Party- as is our tradition, borrowed from the Cox Family Cheese Party traditionally done on the day the Christmas tree is put up and on Christmas Eve. 

NYE dinner

Our cheese party was a little pared down from the Christmas ones, but there are all kinds of crackers and chips, meatballs in barbecue sauce, a bacon cheese ball, corn salsa (with cheese), 4 store bought cheese dips, and Julmust (Christmas soda). 

2013 is the year of change so look out! 

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cowgurs said...

oh my gosh! olivia is looking like a little girl now instead of.....babyish ya know?!! she is so pretty, i love her hair!---but i am needing some better pictures of graham cause i hardly can see him in these. you guys are having so much fun over in that strange land:)