Friday, March 22, 2013

Valentine's Day (late post)

For Valentine's Day, I made us all big heart cookies- as per my almost 100 year old family tradition on my mom's side. It is the best tradition!

I think most civilized people would break a piece off and eat it. Neither kid even considered that. Just pick up the whole thing and go for it!


VIDEO of the cookies

After they had eaten a bunch of cookie, Olivia had a sugar-fueled dance party.
Graham joined in dancing here and there. Let me just warn you about the video below. The first minute is pretty funny. After that, if these are not your kids, it starts to become the longest video ever made. So, maybe shut it down after the first minute or so.... I warned you.

At the end of her sugar high dance party, I found Olivia tucked in to go to sleep in the kitchen. Why not!?

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